Simple ways to increase the value of your home

If you are having difficulty selling your home or if you are still in the planning stages of selling your house then some of these easy steps could help build more attraction to it, and they won’t cost a fortune either.

1. Paint. A quick lick of paint can transform and brighten up a room. Remember though that people may not always have the same tastes as you, so keeping colours neutral and bright throughout your house is advisable rather than over the top colour patterning. Not only can painting your walls – interior and/or exterior – attract more viewers to your house, it can also increase the value of your property so this is a really worthwhile task to undertake.

2. Clean up. It may sound obvious, but it is actually often overlooked when it comes to selling a house. If  you know people will be coming to view your house or an estate agent is coming to take photos of your house, spend time giving it a good scrub. A clean house is more inviting and makes it easier for viewers to imagine themselves living in it. It also shows that their potential new house has been well looked after and cared for in the past. Pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom as people are fussiest about these rooms. A good mop of the floor and clean surfaces can work wonders.

3. De-clutter. As much as you may love your crazy nick-knacks and mish-mash of cushions and furnishings throughout the house that you have picked up over the years, these are not always appealing to new buyers. Invest in some cheap storage boxes and vacuum bags and declutter your space. Keeping areas neutral in colour and calm with minimal decorations and trinkets can really help when selling your home. You’ll be packing things away when you sell your home anyway so this is a good way to get a head start on it.

4. Don’t forget the outside. When people come to your house the very first impression they get is from the front of your house and garden. First impressions are lasting so make them count. Invest some time in cutting the grass, add a few plants and trim back the hedges and you can easily transform your garden. This can add more space to your garden and can really add to the price of your house. Adding furniture to your back garden such as a simple table and chairs on your patio can give the impression of another room in the house which is even more appealing to possible buyers. Make sure these can be seen from inside your house so that people don’t miss them.

5. Get advice. Ask a friend or neighbour or your estate agent to come and look at your house. Get their point of view on their first impressions and any changes they think you should make. You don’t have to do everything they recommend but getting an outside opinion can be very helpful and helps you see your house through someone elses eyes.

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