Month: July 2016

Simple ways to increase the value of your home

If you are having difficulty selling your home or if you are still in the planning stages of selling your house then some of these easy steps could help build more attraction to it, and they won’t cost a fortune either. 1. Paint. A quick lick of paint can transform and brighten up a room. Remember though that […]

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Top Tips for Selling Your Home

Selling your house? Check out our top tips for selling your home. It can take time but if you plan it correctly you can really help to relieve the stress on yourself and also ensure you get the best price for your pad. Find out the value of your home. You probably have an idea of the […]

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Tips on Buying a New Home

Whether you are a first time buyer and have decided it’s time to get onto the property ladder or you already own a home and fancy a change, the guidelines for buying a new home are very similar. Here, we’ve put together some straightforward tips on buying a new home. The first thing to decide is if you […]

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